What is a vocation?

“We have to stir up within ourselves…an attitude of complete correspondence with the grace of a call to religious life and live it and love it with every fiber of our being. More than ever before, the Church needs strong women to uphold what religious life truly means.”

Mother Ellen Curran, SJW

A vocation is a call from God – a call to love and to become holy.   The heart of a religious vocation is falling in love with the Person of Jesus Christ.  Being deeply in love with Him, she is moved to share His love with others; therefore, from her life of prayer and by ministering to God’s people.

 It is through prayer, that the young woman comes to realize how great is God’s love for her, and wanting to respond with a generous heart to His love, she freely chooses to answer His invitation to follow Jesus in a vowed life of chastity, poverty, and obedience.  She seeks to do His Will in all things, so she readily embraces a life of obedience to her superior, who is God’s representative.