Thoughts of Saint Vincent de Paul


For God's Sake

We should do everything for God's sake, without seeking the esteem of men or calculating on their applause.

Encountering Unexpected Events

Whenever we encounter any unexpected event, whether it be afflictions, or spiritual or temporal consolations, we should receive them with an equable mind, on reflecting that everything comes from the hand of God.

Exercising Our Patience

God sends us trouble and affliction to exercise our patience, and to teach us sympathy for the misfortunes of others.

Exposing a Person's Fault

When we are under the necessity of exposing a person’s faults, we should also speak of his virtues and good qualities, in order not to weaken the esteem of others for him.

A Charitable Word

A charitable word is all that is sometimes necessary to convert an obdurate heart.  In like manner, one bitter word is capable of afflicting a soul and plunging it into a sadness that may be most injurious.


Mortification in eating is the alphabet of a spiritual life; and he who knows not how to subdue his gluttony will find it no easy matter to triumph over other vices which are much more difficult to conquer.