Service to the Elderly

We are called to devote ourselves in a special way to God through our work. We work at helping the elderly in their illnesses and advancing age through the work at Taylor Manor, our nursing home.  Whether the Sister works in the nursing department, the dietary department, or in the office, all work done for the elderly is done for God.  At times, the Sisters are also involved in helping the elderly in the surrounding community.  Whereever and whenever God calls us, we whole heartedly accept His invitation to work among the elderly.  


Education of the Youth

Teaching children to love God is a service that is close the heart of the Sisters.  Our grade school, St. Joseph Academy, helps the entire family in their educational needs.  The Sisters provide daycare and preschool, in addition to the traditional Kindergarten to Eighth grade five day a week program, and also a home schooling support program two days a week.  We also educate the youth through retreats and vocational talks. In a world that can be confusing, we bring the joy of Christ into the lives of the youth.