Meditations on the Litany of the Sacred Heart

Invocation 1: Heart of Jesus, Son of the Eternal Father  7:38     

Only in Eternity shall we see Him, and only then will we be able to stand the beauty of the Eternal Father and His Beloved Son.

 Invocation 2: Heart of Jesus, formed by the Holy Spirit in the Womb of the Virgin Mother  7:26

Mary is the only creature who became a blood relative of one of the three Divine Persons, and related by affinity to the other two.

 Invocation 3: Heart of Jesus, Substantially United to the Word of God  10:13

Two pure and perfect natures belong to the same Person and this union is called a Hypostatic Union.

 Invocation 4: Heart of Jesus, of Infinite Majesty  7:09

When you make the genuflection, make a good one externally and internally

 Invocation 5: Heart of Jesus, Sacred Temple of God  6:50

Wherever the Divine Nature is, there is the Father and the Holy Spirit because they cannot be separated from the Divine Nature.

 Invocation 6: Heart of Jesus, Tabernacle of the Most High  10:19

God’s joy was to dwell among men and He showed His people by His nearness that He loved them.

 Invocation 7: Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven  12:50

In God’s House there is always praise and thanksgiving ascending like incense to the Throne of God.

 Invocation 8: Heart of Jesus, Burning Furnace of Charity  7:29

Christ’s death on the Cross proves that His Heart is a burning furnace of love.

 Invocation 9: Heart of Jesus, Abode of Justice and Love  7:22

We cannot be just in the strictest degree because we are always cheating God out of some praise.

 Invocation 10: Heart of Jesus, full of Goodness and Love  5:19

Suppose Our Lord had given up His work after He found it so hard to lead us out of sin!

 Invocation 11: Heart of Jesus, Abyss of all Virtues  5:41

One thing is necessary – Love God and glorify Him by spending yourself for your neighbor’s sanctification.

Part II – Unity in the Spiritual Life  6:37

Many love God and serve Him, but not according to His Will, but according to their own.

Part III – Effects of Obedience  6:22

They died to self, and rose for God.

Part IV – How a Soul Arrives at True Detachment from Self  7:55

Love for Jesus is the motive and driving force of all you do.

Invocation 12: Heart of Jesus, Most Worthy of All Praise 

Jesus loved us more than words could express, and He desired to give us a picture of His Love.


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