The value of a religious congregation in a diocese lies not what we do, but in our prayer.  We put prayer above all things because it is through our prayer life that we are able to bring Christ's life to others. Prayer is the primary reason for our vocation to the religious life.  The Eucharist is the daily renewal of our covenant with the Lord, the fount from which our sevice flows and the chalice to which it returns.  Prayer transforms every second of our lives into worship.  As Christ spent long hours in prayerful solitude with His Father, so we too must draw aside from the daily work to spend time to be alone with our Divine Spouse. 


The Divine Office and Rosary, as well as the daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are an important part of our lives. 


We cannot be women of prayer without practicing silence.  It can be hard to be still and silent in a world that is busy and noisy.  We cannot hear the voice of God if we do not set aside time to listen to His voice. 




Adoration and Meditation are a daily part of our prayer life.