Mother Ellen’s Spiritual Writings

Accepting the Cross

September 1992

“I know that my crosses are not great, just splinters, but I do want each one to be as a token of love to Our Crucified Lord.”

January 1987

“There are many things in this life that we will never understand, but if with God’s grace we bear crosses lovingly, we will always be the better for it.”

February 1983

“The more we share Christ’s forty days in the desert, the more joyful will be our share in His Resurrection.”

April 1975

“We have to take our crosses one at a time – and not try to see the ‘why’, but just accept them – all the ‘whys’ will be solved in Heaven.”

November 1974

“There is not much merit in doing the easy things — we really give glory to God when we do those things that ‘go against the grain’.”

August 1991

“All of us have to fall back on our faith so often.  We do know that God knows best, but it takes faith and prayer to accept His decisions when we do not understand why some are taken and others are not.”

March 1990

“Neither I nor anyone else, except God, can solve problems.  But we are admonished to add sacrifice to prayer.”

February 1977

“If it involves sacrifice, let us give it to Him willingly and joyfully.”

December 1974

“We seem to always have crosses mixed with our joys, but this too comes from the Loving Providence of God.  In this we will ever find peace, communally and personally.  Daily we make the offering of ourselves in complete abandonment to His Holy Will.  In no other way will we ever find peace with God, our fellowman, and ourselves.”