Our religious habit, which we are privileged to wear at all times, enables us to be publicly identified as women consecrated to God, and to more easily live evangelical poverty. It is a concrete, visible symbol of an internal reality.  It says to people, “I am set apart, I am here for you.” 

The black color of the habit is a reminder that we are to daily die to self in order to live for Christ. Novices wear the black habit, with a blue scapular and veil in honor of our Blessed Mother, the Model of all religious. Postulants wear a black uniform skirt and white blouse. Nursing Sisters or Sisters who do domestic work wear a white habit.

An integral part of the habit is the veil.  Since the early third century, a virgin was given the veil as a sign of her spiritual marriage with Christ and her separation from the world.  It says she is spoken for - she is the bride of Christ.  It reminds all of the life of heaven where there will be no other marriages - only the wedding feast of the Lamb, a marriage of God with His people.

The crucifix we wear is an exterior sign of our devotion to our Crucified Lord.  It is blessed and put on the newly professed during the Mass of First Profession.