"...The community of consecrated persons which lives the Paschal Mystery renewed daily in the Eucharist, becomes a witness of communion and a prophetic sign of solidarity for a divided and wounded society."
- Starting Afresh from Christ,
Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life
Life lived in common has been part of religious life since the early 2nd century. In addition to facilitating the living of factual poverty, community life aids the individual religious in developing selflessness and true concern for others. The saying “charity begins at home” is especially applicable to the religious life. Through common life, religious witness to the unity so desperately needed in a world of broken families and nations at war.
As Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker, we live together, sharing our daily schedule of prayer, meals, and recreation. We support each other in charity, that we may resemble Christ more closely in His love for His disciples. In the service of the Church, we labor in a corporate apostolate. Through these concrete means, we endeavor to follow the Church’s exhortation to become “experts in communion.”